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GenePharma custom siRNA oligo is purified by HPLC, 100% removed the unpaired single-stranded oligos contaminants from the products, the price is cheap, and the quality is high.   GenePharma miRNA are designed to directly enter the miRNA processing pathway and, after processing, are treated identically to endogenous miRNA within the cell. Also GenePharma provide the upgraded product of miRNA: miRNA agomir and antagomir.   GenePharma promoted new generation of shRNA expression plasmid, which was one kind of highly effective ready-to-use vector. The vector was able to stably produce shRNAs in cell, thus achieved long term suppression effect.   GenePharma using the CRISPR/Cas 9 system with tens of thousands of guides that are designed to target all coding genes in the human genome allows researchers to conduct genome-scle gain- and loss-of function genetic screens.
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GenePharma is a biotech company founded in Shanghai Hi-Tech Park by a few scientists who have worked in various western countries.

GenePharma aims to become a global main supplier and service provider of RNAi products, utilizing our existing advantages of the technology, experience, low cost and the dedication of our staff.

The company has all the internationally leading core technologies of siRNA chemical synthesis, which include the RNA monomer synthesis technology, the custom and chemically-modified siRNA oligo synthesis technology, the nucleic acid fluorescent labeling technology, and many nucleotide chemical modification technologies.

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